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Articles, Blogs, and more written by our contributors covering all subjects of fishing, boating, and safety. [HERE]

Safety Lab

Learn about boating laws, get your equipment in order, and prepared on the water. [HERE]

Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System

Get wind, waves, surface temps, surface currents, ice cover and more. [HERE]

Wave & Wind Forecast

Get detailed forecasts for wave and wind conditions throughout the Great Lakes area [HERE]

Bouy Data (LIVE)

Real time buoy data for water and land stations throughout the Great Lakes area. [HERE]

Satellite Image

View daily satellite images to see water clarity or cloud cover around the Great Lakes. [HERE]

Water Temperature

Surface water temperatures for locations throughout the Great Lakes Area[HERE]

Web Cams

Live water conditions around the Great Lakes. Click "camera map" on their website[HERE]

Licenses and Laws

Get your fishing license and the latest regulations for the lake you plan to fish. [HERE]

Fish Tracking Sheets

Keep accurate records of every fish you catch - see patterns and repeat a successful program. We have two log sheets that will help you. [Trip Planning Crank Bait] | [Trip Planning Spinners]

Boat Safety - Come Back Alive

Get prepared for the unexpected on the water. We have lots of great resources available to help you develop a personal safety plan.[HERE]